Season update

My first street race of the season was at the Cookstown 100 National road race last weekend. It’s always a shock to the system to be back racing on the narrow street circuits of the National races. But that is why I was there to get back in the feel of riding between the hedges! As qualifying is just 5 laps per class there was no time to stop for set up changes so it was a case of doing my best on a guessed setting. This worked ok and I secured 2nd on the grid with the 600 and 4th on the Superbike.

Race one I was out on the Superbike and had a close battle with Ryan Farquar for the lead, in the end I settled for a close second place.

Race two I was out on my super sweet CBR600 and after an unusually poor start I worked my way up to second and again found myself dicing for the lead with Ryan. I crossed the line in second place and had to be happy with that. The 600 race was shortened by 4 laps due to the event running behind schedule and I believe that with some extra laps the result may have been different!

Race three and the open grand final as I took to the grid on my CBR1000 Superbike. Holding third for most of the race as I watched Michael Dunlop and Ryan Farquar taking some huge risks as they battled for the lead. At the time I thought I was best to sit back and try and avoid the debris if they ended up coming together. With the Northwest 200 approaching this month I decided to leave the big risks to the other lads and back off for a safe finish. I backed off a little to much and got nabbed for third. A fourth place was ok as we left the Cooks town with all bikes in one piece and a lot more information for our development of the new machines.

For now its some testing and then bring on the Northwest 200 and the first International road race of 2011!



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